A Tribute to Summer

Half of the summer has already passed and I have one question: when did it happen? And one more: what was I doing? I am just starting to get a taste of it.

I am finally waking up early. Well, earlier. My skin is starting to get that sun-kissed glow. The weather is normalizing. And since last week I am on vacation.

Hey, I am not ready for it to be over. 

A few things that mean summer really is here:

  • Rosé.  There is nothing that screams summer to me as much as a glass of rosé. Well maybe only…
  • Aperol. Fredrik has mastered the art of Aperol, and now I am always a little bit drunk. Just kidding, come on, not always, only in the evenings. 
  • Summer sales! Yes, yes, I know, sales are evil, created by corporations to make us consume even more. But what can I do about it? Let me tell you: nothing. I am weak, I admit it and take full responsibility for it. But I promise I am trying to get better.
  • Diet Mountain Dew and Summertime Sadness by Lana del Ray. I always listen to it during summer and it puts me in such a special type of old Hollywood mood that I want to put red lipstick on straight away. I am a romantic, what can I say.

I got my red dress on tonight

Dancin’ in the dark in the pale moonlight

Done my hair up real big, beauty queen style

High heels off, I’m feelin’ alive

  • Ice-cream. Self-explanatory.
  • Water. Sea or ocean ideally, but a lake will do too. I am all about water sports now too. I was choosing my wetsuit just as carefully as my date night dress and that says something. Maybe that I am finally becoming that cool, adventurous girl with the wind in her hair? Now I need to buy windsurfing board, surfing board, kayak, paddleboard, sailing boat, and a huge house to store all that stuff in. The price of being cool, huh?
  • Floral dresses. Just because a girl can look like a field of poppies if she wants to. And yes, I do. 


The thing is, I am a queen of carefully crafted lists. So here goes one more. 

Things I absolutely have to do during the rest of summer:

  1. Pick flowers. I really need to close that gestalt. We celebrated midsummer a few weeks ago, and instead of picking flowers I went to the market and bought them. It has bothered me ever since.
  2. Have a picnic by the lake, or in the forest, or in the park at the worst. When we went on a mini-vacation I took a picnic blanket with me and didn’t use it a single time for what it was supposed to be used! I did eat a sandwich sitting on it once but that doesn’t count.
  3. Grow chili peppers. Two of them just died. Self-sufficiency is a luxury, and I have not mastered that art yet.
  4. Write a plan for autumn. I really love plans and lists and road maps, as you’ve probably already noticed. I almost never follow them but I do like the whole idea of creating a structure. A little embarrassed to say but it’s not a big deal for me to deviate from it. 

I have about one and a half months to do that. Even with this snail attitude I might actually achieve that, right? 


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