Twenty-Fife Things I learned in Twenty-Five Years

I am twenty-five years one week and two days old.

I am a walking cliche, so here goes the list: 

Dear Alena,

  1. Any bad day can be fixed by a Seinfeld episode. 
  2. You have to drink lots of water even if you don’t feel like it. 
  3. As long as you are alive and healthy you are going to be okay. 
  4. Reading books is something you should never stop doing.
  5. Posting your breakfast (and lunch, and dinner) on Instagram is not cute but you’ll do it anyway, and that’s fine. No one cares.
  6. You should never give up something that makes you happy (unless it’s molly, then you should). 
  7. Be aware of your cycle, it will make your life much easier. 
  8. Share your cycle with the people around you. It will make their lives much easier. 
  9. Sometimes all you need is a glass of wine and frozen pizza to feel human again. 
  10. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable. 
  11. Spend time with people you love. 
  12. Being a child is great. Being an adult is fantastic. You get to do all the fancy things and even get to take responsibility for them. How cool is that?
  13. Take a bath whenever you feel down. If you don’t have a bathtub consider moving or installing one. The power of a hot bath on a Tuesday evening is similar to two glasses of wine plus a Seinfeld episode, and minus the headache.
  14. Try to underthink stuff.
  15. At some point, you might say you will never wear leopard or cyclist shorts, but believe me, you will. Also, relax, you will look hot.
  16. If you meet someone who fluffs your pillow and spoons you for hours, don’t let them go.
  17. Being judgmental only hurts you. 
  18. You really don’t need to buy stuff to feel whole. 
  19. Don’t underestimate the power of journaling. Write whenever you can. 
  20. When you feel your thoughts are running wild, think in another language. 
  21. Eat and sleep well. Don’t brag that two hours of sleep is enough for you. It’s not. The science is not with you on that one. 
  22. Don’t make it a secret that you’ve read Fifty shades of Grey. Also, don’t add that you actually hate-read it. 
  23. You have a tricky relationship with coffee. You think you are not addicted but you are a smart girl. You know you are. Admit it and work on it. 
  24. Be yourself. But find a balance between being yourself and being a bratty shit. 
  25. Better yet, be kind.


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