Morning Routine

I am a sucker for a great routine. So my whole life I was fearlessly trying to create one.

For about twenty years I was an early bird. I used to wake up at five so I could read before school. I have just re-read this sentence and I know, how crazy is that? I am surprised I was not a complete outsider. Believe it or not but I was actually quite popular, a sweeter and not so polished version of queen bee so to say. Then this tendency naturally declined as I didn’t have to go to school anymore and got a boyfriend who slept a little longer. The main reason I think was the fact that I have never in my life used blinders or even any curtains during the night. And it’s just so easy to wake up naturally with the sun. 

Last summer determined to get bake into so-called 5 am club I tried Miracle morning, and let me tell you: it didn’t stick. Waking up at five-six when I have nowhere to go and nothing to do (that’s not entirely true but you get the point) doesn’t really sound reasonable. So I quit. 

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in building character, I do. But I also love myself dearly so I have chosen a softer approach: an alarm set at noon, a glass of wine, a cigarette, and a chocolate bar first thing as I wake up.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Kidding, obviously.

I don’t smoke.

Jokes aside, morning is my favorite time of day. I just love those quiet hours when I am the only one up (even though I don’t wake up that early!). It gives me the chance to fully wake up, think about the day and my intentions, and just simply get myself together.

So here goes my morning routine:

(if you can call it that)

  • Water

I always put a glass of water on my nightstand before going to bed and drink it immediately after I wake up. It really helps my brain to start functioning. I drink a second glass before having coffee. Sometimes I forget but I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world who always reminds me. I also try to drink a lot (2-3 liters) throughout the day. I also pee every five minutes but that’s the price of staying hydrated, right?

  • Skincare

I spent a small fortune on my skincare and surprise: it didn’t pay off. Yet. I am not losing hope. Every morning I use three to six different products on my skin ( mostly depends on the weather and my evening skincare; for example, if it’s sunny, I will not put vitamin C or acid on my face, instead – a generous splash of sun protection) and do a simple face massage with pink quartz roll. Then I start to look like a princess I am. As simple as that. 

I work from home so I usually take a shower in the middle of the day or a bath in the evening.

  • Journaling

Writing is a tool which helps me to process my feeling. I try to write a little bit every morning. I have an actual notebook diary but I never seem to find it so most times I use my phone or laptop instead. Journaling is what helps me clear my head. It’s something similar to the famous “morning pages.” But I never make myself do it. It must come naturally. Otherwise, I would just spend hours staring at the blank page, feeling worthless as nothing good enough to write down would come to mind. Yes, sometimes my brain is just empty. It is what it is. 

  • Horoscope

You don’t have to say it, I know, it’s weird but it’s just something I really enjoy doing — reading my horoscope for the day. For example, today I got a sweet message: ‘You feel safe to experience intensity. It’s not luck, it’s the years you’ve spent building your enthusiasm’. I mean, how awesome is that? I use Co – Star and  it’s the best app out there. 

Does coffee count as breakfast?

I might actually be addicted to coffee even though I consider myself too strong-willed to get addicted to anything (obviously, as every single other addict out there I deny my addiction). And I am thinking of buying an Espresso machine but considering how many cups I drink per day I am not sure I can afford it. Yes, it’s that many. 

I am usually not very hungry when I wake up so quite often a cup of coffee is the only think I have in the morning but I always drink it at the table and watch my boyfriend eat. I am aware I just sounded like Joe but I am okay with it.

Is excersizing really that important?

You don’t have to say anything. I know it is. But despite what they tell you in school, the one who owns information doesn’t necessarily owns the world, if the one is as lazy as me.

Excersizing is something I absolutely must bring into my routine. Just not today.

After having coffee and not excersizing, I change into some cute outfit and get to work. That’s pretty much it 🙂


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